I’m delighted to announce that last night at a glamourous, high profile ceremony in central London attended by the cream of the UK’s creative gliterati, our very own, equally glamourous, Sally Aisbitt stepped up to collect up a prestigious ‘Chip Shop Award’ on behalf of the Coolpink team; stealing first prize in the highly competitive ‘Best Use of Plagiarism’ category, beating entries from some of the Nation’s best respected and long established creative workshops. As it happens we had TWO entries nominated through to the finals. Sadly, the other didn’t make it through to win, but hey, this is our first time out and we got a gong, so who’s complaining?

Whilst the Chip Shop Awards is certainly a tongue-in-cheek affair and definitely not to be taken too seriously there is no doubt that the competition is just as fierce as at any other similar industry event. Here is an all-too-frequent chance for the creatives to really let rip without limits. No deadline, no brief and no client breathing down your neck or imposing ‘sensible’ limits. In short, every creative team’s dream!

So, yes, we are pretty chuffed with ourselves. I’ve long believed that we have an amazingly talented, bright, creative bunch of people within the business and to prove on the Nation’s stage that we are every bit as capable of producing ideas as some of the big London outfits is extremely gratifying. And, the best part is, we didn’t even send the best stuff we had because we thought it was too good to ‘waste’ and instead decided to hold some of it back for further development!

So, in a sense, bold as it sounds, it was a win for the second team. Next year we’ll have to really dig deep and see if we can’t bag ourselves the crème de la crème – ‘The Big Chip’.

Until then, here’s a link to the winning entries. Enjoy!