Digital Marketing Consultant

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I’ve spent almost 20 years involved in digital marketing, Social Media & Content Marketing. As a freelance digital marketing consultant I work directly with my clients on a one-to-one basis to develop highly effective brand led, social media and content marketing strategies

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As a leading freelance digital marketing consultant, my key areas of expertise are: business optimisation, brand development, creative development, social media and content marketing and integrated / digital marketing strategy.

I’m also fascinated by sales psychology, decision making theory and buying behaviour. I love nothing better than to really get under the skin of of a product – and a target market – and dig deep into the murky subconscious world where most of our decision making takes place – often without our conscious minds getting much of a look in! (See my article Mad Men vs Maths Men for more on this topic).

A former business owner and agency boss

As the founder and CEO of multi-award winning digital agency Coolpink, I’ve spent the vast majority of my career finding effective ways to engage consumers in today’s fragmented and rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

If you take a look at the work we did over at Coolpink, along with some of the blogs that I’ve authored over the last couple of years you will see that I have bags of experience and plenty to say relating to the whole ‘integrated marketing’ piece – particularly with regard to retail and B to C brands.

That’s not to say that similar principles can’t be applied on a B to B basis and in my time I’ve worked with and advised many hugely successful, international B to B organisations such as Patterson Medical Group and PPG Industries; amongst others.

Key Skills: Brand Development, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy

If you need help from a highly experienced digital marketing consultant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

You can email me on – call my mobile 07713 849502 – or simply submit an initial enquiry via the comments form here.

Hope to speak to you soon,