Bill Carrahar

Managing Director
Bill Carrahar

We had the pleasure of working with Mark and Cool Pink when we engaged their services at Bensons for Beds to grow our online Sales. They inherited from our previous providers an out of date, insipid, dull and uninspiring site. They secured the work on the basis of specific undertakings from Mark to improve the brand image as well as promoting user-friendly functionality and ultimately improving conversion rates, which were poor.

Mark more than delivered on each of these promises. He was a real pleasure to work with as he was prepared to ‘stick his neck out’, project real numbers and deliver them.

As a direct result of his leadership he delivered a reinvigorated fresh site resulting in excellent growth in sales. This in turn raised our brand awareness, image and presence online bringing it up to date with the best operators but crucially placing us well ahead of our key competitors.

He continued to challenge our thinking and ideas as well as encouraging further spend on SEO which he always delivered great tangible results from.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark as he is an innovator and impressive operator who is constantly up to date with the latest developments in his specialist sector.


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